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Finishing up 2018

In November of this past year our team received official non-profit 501(c)(3) status from the IRS under the entity name, “Developing Nepal, Inc.” All of your donations to Developing Nepal will now be 100% tax deductible!

The Little Angels Bracelets that we have sold since returning from our trip to Nepal in July have been a tremendous success in raising funds for multiple projects. We initially planned to only sell these bracelets in the current black and white styles, but with the overwhelmingly positive response we have had, we decided to expand the color scheme of the bracelets and continue selling them across the globe (a picture of the new bracelet style will be posted soon).

To this date our team has sold over 700 bracelets, and we have raised well over our initial goal of $20,000. This will allow us to fund multiple projects including land expansion for the children’s home, land expansion for a nearby school, a remodel to the children’s home, and tutoring for the children!

With your help, we have provided a laptop and video camera for a teacher in Talamarang. He will be using them to further the education of the children and broadcast their many talents to the world.

Needless to say, we have had an amazing year! With the official non-profit entity now established, we hope to continue to raise the bar on what we can achieve in 2019. This will include projects with a coffee farm, continual land expansion, and more overall development.

Again, we are so thankful for the support of all that have contributed, and we strive to continue using those contributions in the best way possible. What started as a small mission is slowly becoming something that will continue to make a great impact on this beautiful country for years to come!

From the Developing Nepal Team,

Happy New Year!


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