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Little Angels

Little Angel's Children's Home

The Little Angels Children's Home is a home for abandoned Children, that have no where else to go. The home was founded by Neel Shahi who was originally from Talamarang and raised in the rough conditions that many of these children came from. Getting out of the town he was raised, made it to Kathmandu where he became a successful businessman but he has never forgot where he came from. He has since made it his passion to care for children in his home village. The house is home to 23 children who were either voluntarily given over to the house or brought in for various reasons. The goal of the house is to set the children up for success, by teaching them basic life skills. All while allowing the children get the most out of the education. Each child is sent to the Terse School where they are able to gain knowledge that they otherwise would not have gotten in their previous living situation. These children are true lights in their community and to one another. To them they are each others family, always caring for one another and building each other up. These joyous faces are a large part of why Developing Nepal has been assembled. There is so much potential in these young bright minds that can truly change the world.

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