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Current & Past Projects

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Land Expansion Project

We are supporting an effort to expand the Little Angels Children's Home. Presently, we are helping them rent land to provide a playing ground for the children and more land to farm. Longer term, we will support their mission to purchase more land so they can support more children if the need arises.

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Expanding Libraries

During our first trip to Nepal in May 2018, our team collected hundreds of books and donated them to the libraries at the Little Angels Children's Home and the school where the children attend in Talamarang.

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Support to Local Teacher

Our team collected funds to purchase a gently used laptop and a matching donation of a camera to a local teacher in Talamarang. This teacher's mission was to spread the news of his students around the world by creating short films showcasing their talents. Follow him on Instagram @Moin.Writer and subscribe to his YouTube channel, Moin Uddin Show, to see his creations.

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Laptops to Local Schools

Before our initial trip in summer 2018, our team collected a few laptops to donate to the school in Talamarang to support the administration and teaching efforts of the staff.

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Computer Education

During a trip in December 2018, president Michael Graehler taught a few seminar classes at the local Talamarang school on the subject of making computer education fun. He shared tips for improving typing speed while playing games and showed the computer teacher how he could teach computer science to the students.

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Future Projects

There are many areas of Nepal that we believe Developing Nepal can help. This includes helping a coffee-producing community in Tumlingtar, Nepal whose water supply has been depleted by a shortage of rain during the rainy season. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Hygiene Education

During a trip in May 2018, Secretary Lauren and VP Emma provided education to the girls at Little Angels Childrens Home on basic hygiene. Lauren and Emma collected feminine hygiene products and dental care products before the trip and brought them to Nepal for the kids at the children's home.

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Batase School

We have recently funded a land expansion project at a nearby school above Talamarang, that was  affected by the earthquake a few years back. The teachers of the Batase School gave their salaries up willingly in order to rebuild the school for their students. Developing Nepal saw that it was in the best interests of the school that the salaries were reimbursed and funding for a new hostel be taken care of. More updates on the progress of the school will be done in May!


New Bracelet Colors!

With the overwhelming support of the bracelets we have decided to expand the color choices! Keeping with the same simple design that the original black and white ones have, we decided to add not one but two new options of the Little Angels Bracelet!


Mentor Program

This May there will be a pilot trip with the Terse school, that hopefully will be a continuous exchange through out the years to come. This program will host 45 of the students from the Terse school in Kathmandu before going on to their higher education.They will have the chance to shadow businessmen, doctors, marketers, fashion industry professionals, television personalities and airline staff on their stay in the city. The hopes of this program is to give children the exposure for them to seek out their desired profession.

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