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Who We Are

Our team founded Developing Nepal after taking a trip to Talamarang, Nepal in the summer of 2018. While there, we worked at the Little Angels Children’s Home and met the 23 children that inspired our initial projects. We were inspired by the hardwork of Neel Shahi, director of the Home and his passion to provide these children opportunities to better themselves. He created this sustainable home for kids from a variety of abused and abandoned backgrounds.

As a team  we felt a pull to stay connected to Nepal and saw that there was an avenue for good to be done. It was decided that the best way to do this was to create a nonprofit organization that would focus on developing Nepal through a variety of programs and projects.

The mission of Developing Nepal is to promote Nepal within the United States. Accomplished by seeking out projects such as an expansion of the Little Angels Children’s Home, sponsoring the children for higher education, and sponsoring career exposure trips for the local school and many more.

Nepal has a lot to offer the world and it is Developing Nepal's job to help others see that!


Little Angels Children's Home

We would like to give you an update on some milestones that we've reached by our team in the past year and paint a picture of new projects and our future goals as a team in 2019! By doing this, we hope to make you aware of all the amazing things that this team is accomplishing for the children’s home and the local community in Nepal by your continued support of our mission! Sign up below to keep in touch! 


Little Angels Bracelets

Little Angels Bracelets are made in Kathmandu, Nepal. The proceeds from your purchase of a bracelet (or more) are used to further Developing Nepal's mission to promote the beauty of Nepal through special projects focused on giving children access to education and career opportunities.

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